Lab Coat Ordering for Clinical Services at University of Minnesota

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For Providers, Advance Practice Providers, and employees who are part of University of Minnesota Health.
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For Physicians who are part of University of Minnesota Health and work in an owned clinic.
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Lab Coat Order Program

Congratulations on your appointment at the University of Minnesota Medical School. As a new physician, you are entitled to three lab coats.

The University of Minnesota Bookstore will provide you with several style options to choose from.

NOTE: For current physicians who need to order additional lab coats, contact Tessa Clark at (612) 625-4239 or

Helpful Information

  1. Logos and Department's titles are pre-determined by your department and location(s).
  2. You will be allowed to enter your name and degree to personalize your lab coats during check out.
  3. Size chart below.

Size Chart